Vasectomy is a simple, office-based surgical procedure for effective male contraception. A man who is having a vasectomy will no longer be able to father children. Ideal candidates are men who have completed their families and want to enjoy a free sex life without the worry of an unforeseen or unwanted pregnancy. The surgery is also suitable for single men or separated men under the right circumstances.
Vasectomy is the dissection (or “cutting”) of the vas deferens on both sides of the scrotum. These are the tubes that supply sperm from the testes to base of the glands at the base of the penis where it mixes with fluids from the seminal vesicles and prostate to form semen. Think of vasectomy as a “plumbing fix” where the tubes are cut and the supply of sperm to the semen is interrupted. The sperm are still made by the testies but they swim into a “dead end” and are naturally absorbed by the body. After vasectomy men will ejaculate normally but without sperm in their semen. The surgery is usually very well tolerated with minimal if any downtime.

North Shore Vasectomy is North Vancouver’s first and only dedicated vasectomy service. The procedure is performed by our experienced Vasectomy Physician. Our clinic is located at the stylish new facilities located at Unit 403-1200 Lonsdale. Our goal is to be the Gold Standard Vasectomy Provider on the Shore known for excellent service, overall experience and minimal disruption to your home and work-life.

Our experienced physician Dr Aaron M Goldstein runs an exclusive service with surgery available on Tuesdays and Fridays by routine one-stop appointment. Other days are available on enquiry. The surgery is performed in clinic under local anaesthesia and time in clinic is about 40 minutes from signing your consent, to prep, to surgery to finish.

Benefits of Vasectomy

No Scalpel Open-Ended vasectomy is the Gold Standard procedure used around the world and that is exactly what we do at North Shore Vasectomy. After you have signed your consent paperwork you will be shown to our comfortable procedure room with its one-way glass window views of Lonsdale Avenue and the North Shore Mountains. No bridges to cross and no traffic to deal with. Just relax! The procedure starts with an brief examination and, if required, we will trim the area with an electric trimmer.  We then inject the scrotum with a small amount of local anaesthetic using an almost microscopic sized needle. This stings just slightly as it goes in, but then effectively numbs the area within a few minutes. Then the worst is over! With accuracy and precision Dr Aaron Goldstein will pierce one tiny hole in the scrotum and isolate each vas through the scrotal skin . Each tube is then isolated further and at this point you might feel some gentle tugging and pulling only. The Vas is then gently divided and cauterised leaving the  end closest to the testis open (“open-ended vasectomy”). This is important to allow sperm to flow and drain from the testes into the scrotum. It is done to minimise your chance of post-vasectomy pain syndrome. Dr Goldstein always performs fascial interposition when performing your procedure to reduce the risk of a failed procedure.

At the end of your procedure there is a tiny small puncture wound in the scrotum. This small wound is dressed with a simple ointment and a few pieces of gauze. It will seal up and heal within a week or so. And that’s it, you’re done!

Risks of Vasectomy

We work hard and strive to ensure that every one of our patients enjoys an exceptional standard of care at North Shore Vasectomy. However it is our duty to always discuss the benefits AND risks of surgery:

Please note this is general information only. Please book an appointment with Dr Goldstein to discuss your particular situation.


The great thing about North Shore Vasectomy is the ease and convenience of the service. Please first obtain a referral from your family doctor, walk-in doctor or Telehealth medical service. Address referrals to Dr Aaron Goldstein MSP 34828. Once we have received your referral we will send you a weblink to our patient registration form. Fill this in and once and we have received your information our friendly staff will phone you to book your date. If you are unsure about vasectomy for any reason you are encouraged to explore this website in full. You may also wish to book a consult to meet Dr Goldstein to discuss your concerns, ask questions and seek professional advice to decide if vasectomy is right for you.

Cost – No-Scalpel Vasectomy is covered by the MSP.

Preparing for your vasectomy

In the 48-hours prior to surgery take every step to look after your wellbeing and take sensible precautions so you do not miss your procedure. These include:

Following Vasectomy
Great! You underwent Gold Standard No Scalpel Vasectomy on the North Shore. Now what? Well for one thing you now get to go home, relax and watch Netflix! Following surgery:


If at any time following your procedure you experience rapid or excessive swelling, pain or severe bruising, please ring North Shore Vasectomy via the IHealthMD clinic immediately. If our clinic is closed after hours you may ring the North Shore Vasectomy hotline to speak with Dr Aaron Goldstein directly about your concern.